We’ve all been there. You’re excited to find a bottle of polish you haven’t worn in a while only to discover the cap is stuck! No amount of super human strength is going to get it unstuck!

Check out these Helpful Tips:

Tip #1: Try wrapping a rubber band around the cap of the polish bottle to create some traction. Often times this will work.

Tip #2: Run the cap portion of the bottle of polish under HOT water for approximately two minutes. Dry off the polish bottle and try to open. Typically this method works the first time, but if the bottle is still stuck, repeat the process.

Tip #3: Once you do get the cap off, make sure to clean the lip of the polish bottle with nail polish remover. This will help to keep the cap from getting stuck again.

Tip #4: You can also help prevent the polish cap from sticking again by putting a small amount of Vaseline or oil around the neck of the bottle before putting the cap back on.

The number one key to avoid the polish bottle getting stuck in the first place, is to make sure there is no polish spill over on to lid prior to resealing after each use 🙂