Having smooth and beautiful feet is a priority for many of us living in sunny Arizona, where we have the option of wearing sandals and other open-toed shoes all year long. While a callus is not necessarily dangerous or unhealthy, it can often create discomfort and embarrassment and also appear a bit unsightly.  Beyond the simple aesthetics, keeping your feet callus-free not only enhances comfort, it also helps us look and feel better about ourselves.

As part of a Professional Pedicure, dead skin and calluses – or potential calluses – should be removed by a licensed nail technician. This can be done in a variety of ways, safely and comfortably. Having said that, you should never let your nail technician use a bladed instrument on your feet for callus removal. The Nail Lady Nail Salon uses only State Board approved tools and implements that do an amazing job at removing and smoothing even the toughest of calluses. And yes, this includes men and pedicure virgins too!

A callus is simply a layer of excess skin on your foot, commonly caused by increased pressure and/or rubbing against the heels and balls of your feet. Cracks in your skin and bleeding, on the other hand, are more serious conditions which could possibly require a visit to your podiatrist.

Daily care of your feet will keep the skin healthy and lovely, with little need for this process in the future. Once your nail technician has removed you callus for you, ask him or her recommendations for keeping them from developing again. Wear properly fitted shoes, and avoid strappy sandals that rub or create pressure points on the areas you normally develop a callus.