Polish Change  $20

Removal and Application of polish. Over 300 polish colors to choose from!

Mini Pedicure  $25

Removal and Application of Polish + Trim and shape toenails.

Express Pedicure  $45

Mini Pedicure plus callus work for an unbelievably smooth and moisturized finish. Perfect for those on the Go!

Classic Pedicure  $55

Begin with a relaxing heated & bubbly foot soak and end with a heavenly foot massage with warm towels to wrap your feet. Enjoy the works including cuticle care and  trimming, shaping and polishing of toenails. The Classic Pedicure also includes enhanced smoothing and removal of calluses followed with an exfoliating foot scrub.

Spa Pedicure  $60

Upgrade your Classic Pedicure with a refreshing therapeutic Spa Treatment!  In addition to all the advantages of the Classic Pedicure, enjoy a moisturizing foot masque to soften and hydrate your feet. Pure Bliss!

Shellac Soak Off Gel Polish:  Add $10




Polish Change  $15

Removal and application of polish. Over 300 polish colors to chose from!

Mini Manicure  $20

File, shape and polish fingernails.

Classic Manicure  $35

File, shape and polish nails with cuticle care and moisturize with solar oil and a relaxing hand massage. The Nail Lady provides a dry manicure and is the key to a longer lasting natural nail manicure. While water manicures aren’t harmful, the nail plate absorbs the water and doesn’t fully dry before polish is applied. Nails are very porous and delicate, especially when wet.

For longest lasting and nail friendly nails…I personally recommend Shellac soak off gel manicures.

SHELLAC Soak Off Gel Manicure  $45

Classic Manicure with your choice of over 150+ Shellac Gel Colors & Combinations! Price includes Gel Soak-Off.

Long lasting gel polish for natural nails. Perfect for additional strength and protection and no damage to natural nails.

  • LED cured – Easy Soak-Off
  • Chip resistant – Out the door dry
  • Mirror Shine Finish
  • No damage to natural nail
  • 150+ Shades and color combinations

Airbrushed French: Additional $5

The Ultimate look in French! The free edge of the nail is airbrushed to perfection with a beautiful, crisp white “smile” line. Topped with your choice of a sheer or clear polish to complete the look.

Paraffin Treatment: Add  $10

Enhance any nail service and indulge yourself with a relaxing hand or foot massage accompanied by a triple dip in heated paraffin wax to condition and moisturize dry hands and feet. Great for arthritis and tender joints.