The average pair of feet are a lot to contend with.

Not only are they responsible for carrying our entire body weight for up to 10,000 steps a day, but we also squeeze them into a sometimes unfriendly mix of sweaty sneakers, high-heels and flip-flops.

Most foot problems come from wearing ill-fitting or the wrong kind of shoes for too long and not taking proper care of your feet.

Here are some tidbits about Corns and Calluses and how to put “your best foot forward”

  • What are corns & calluses? Thick, hardened layers of skin that develop on bony areas of the feet, particularly over joints. They are caused by poorly fitting shoes that rub and can be painful and unsightly.
  • How to prevent them: Avoid shoes that are too tight or have very high heels, or those that are too loose-as your foot will slide and rub and potentially cause calluses.
  • How to treat them: If the corn or callus is very painful, it is best to consult with a Podiatrist. They can remove the corns or calluses, and in more serious cases, may fit you with orthotic insoles for your shoes that may correct imbalances in the way you walk.

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