There is a notion that nails “need to breathe” Sometimes, clients will ask if they should take a break from either wearing traditional polish, gel polish or acrylic nail enhancements, so they can let their nails breathe.

Although it is a relatively common misconception, nails don’t breathe.

The truth is, our nails receive oxygen through our bloodstream, not the air.

Although polish and acrylic enhancements can help protect and strengthen our nails, there are no external sources that provide oxygen or nutrients to help their growth.

Some products such as CND Solar Oil contain essential vitamins that work as antioxidants to protect the keratin in our nails from harsh chemicals, such as drying soaps and detergents.

Although these products aren’t providing any nutritional value, they do help prevent breaks because of the extra protective coverage.

The key to healthy nails ~ both fingers and toes ~ is to maintain them with loving care and not neglect.

Regular acrylic fills and natural nail manicures and pedicures will assure the health of your nails.

With that in mind, there is no need to remove your nails enhancements or polish for any period of time.