It’s that time of year again to expose your toes and let them shine in the sun!

Flip flop weather is upon us and our feet are ready to come out of hiding from closed toe shoes and slip into comfy and cute sandals!

With that in mind, our feet can become callused more quickly with going barefoot on hard surfaces and the friction of wearing sandals and open heel shoes is a breeding ground for callus build up.

Just when our feet get used to the protection of socks and shoes…..the weather shifts and it is time to come out of hibernation.

Check out these simple tips for dry, callused and cracked heels to help maintain soft, smooth and cuddly feet:

  • Regular Professional Pedicures not only feel great, but they also help maintain the health and well-being of your feet.
  • Lotion, lotion, lotion! Hempz lotions and cremes are a personal favorite to moisturize not only your feet, but your entire body as well.
  • Use of a pumice stone or pedi-file to keep calluses smooth in between pedicures is always a good idea. Both are available in different grits and can be used wet or dry and should be sanitized on a regular basis to avoid bacteria build up.
  • Paraffin Treatments not only add extra oils to moisturize both hands and feet, but are also beneficial for sore joints and muscles.
  • Applying moisturizer and putting socks on in the evening just before bed is a great way to help your feet absorb and maintain the moisturizer throughout the night. If your feet tend to get overheated in the middle of the night with socks on like mine do, there are “pedi sox” with open toes for “ventilation” that can be purchased on-line.
  • NO razor blades PLEASE! Otherwise known as the credo blade and not recommended by the Arizona State Board, they are used to quickly shave off calluses. Unfortunately, with this method, often times too much callus is removed potentially causing injury and infection. Thought to be a “quick fix”, the callus tends to grow back thicker and faster after just a few short days.
  • The most important tip of all. Be kind to your precious feet… will not get too far without them.

The Nail Lady uses a combination of specialty pedicure tools to get the best results possible to manage calluses and soften your feet. Beginning with unique pedicure bits specifically made for calluses and gently used with an electric file. If necessary, a foot file is used to complete the softening of the calluses.

It is important to know that if there is excessive callus build up, it may require a series of regular pedicures and home care treatment to get your feet flip flop happy!

Keep in mind….it most likely took a while for your calluses to build up, therefore, it may take a bit of patience and diligence to get them in the best shape possible. It is possible 🙂

I highly recommend the use of Epoch Foot Solution for at home care in between pedicure appointments. I also use this foot cream with your pedicure service.