Ladies, if you’re having trouble convincing your special guy  to get a pedicure…have him check out his blog post on the benefits and “Perks of a Pedicure” for men.

Wouldn’t that special man in your life enjoy being pampered in the Privacy of his own “Man Cave”?

Check out just a few of the perks below:

Foot Massage, Beer, Pretzels & Remote Control Included!

  • Sexy Factor: Let’s face it, when a man takes pride in the way his feet look and feel, it is very sexy! 
  • Looks Great: Getting regular Pedicures keep feet looking and feeling their best at all times
  • Feels Great:  Beginning with a relaxing foot soak and ending with a heavenly foot massage…..Pure Bliss!
  • Stress Reliever: Taking an hour or so to get a Pedicure can give a man some well deserved down time to relax.
  • A Softer Touch: This one is for the ladies….softer and smoother feet to cuddle with!   
  • Healthy Feet = Happy Feet.