Did you know that the shape of your nail can actually reflect certain personality traits?

That little fact might make you think twice the next time you visit The Nail Lady for your next nail service.

Typically, nails aren’t usually the first thing you notice about a person, unless they are really flashy, but they can tell you a lot about a person if you happen to notice.

The nail shape as well as the nail design could tell you something about the person’s personality.

Here are some examples of what nail shapes say about you and your personality.

Flare or Duck Nails: Duck or flared nails are very unique when it comes to acrylic nail shapes. These nails are wider at the tips and then tapper down on the way to the nail bed.

Square Oval: Ladylike, Assertive and Ambitious. This mix of a square tip on an oval nail means assertive and ambitious. This is good for the person not big on experimenting who wants to keep it stylish but elegant. The squoval is basically a dazzling combination of oval and square acrylic nail shapes.

Square Round: This is surely an influential contour that makes your hands prominent and noticeable.

Ballerina: This incredible shape mimics the toe of the ballerina slipper and has an element of feminine look.

Edge Nail Shape: Young, Unique and Creative. Usually this means the person is young, creative or wants to be unique.

Stiletto: Daring, Sexy and Love a Challenge.This is a bold style that is likely to get attention. Stiletto is another super trendy nail shapes. These are extra long and pointed nails, which will make you to rock any event. The length and the pointy tip make this shape very weak and prone to get damaged and to get the others harmed. This shape is probably named after stiletto heels.

Almond: This signifies modern style, quality and a person who avoids vintage or out dated styles. Don’t go too long with the almond shaped nail or it might come off as tacky. For those who want to give their fingers and nails a feminine appearance this is just perfect.

Round: Feminine, Caring and Romantic. This is the classic nail shape.

Oval: Practical and Independent. Oval shape nails look chic and trendy and they suit every type of nail bed be it narrow or wide. This shape is effortlessly simple and yet very elegant.

Square: A Leader. Strong and Bold. A Diva. This is a less subtle style of nail and it usually shows the person takes time on their manicure and wants it known. Flawless and completely square nails are the one in vogue these days.

Lipstick: As the name suggests this shape resembles the tip of a lipstick. It has straight sides and a diagonal straight curved top just like the lipstick.

Super Short & Sweet: The Girl Next Door. Short nails mean simplicity, low-maintenance and easy upkeep. This person might love to sport jeans and a t-shirt. They might paint their nails but otherwise, won’t go all out.