No doubt, you’re probably tired of hearing this…but it is true. Nails are “Jewels – NOT tools”. Regardless of how careful you are at maintaining your beautiful nails, everyday life happens. Between chores, gardening, computer work, sports and other activities, nails can sure take a beating!

Seven Tips to Keep your Nails Happy and Healthy:

1. Enter phone numbers or text with the end of a pencil, stylus or finger tips….Not your nails.

2. Avoid picking up objects when it means your fingernails may strike a hard surface. Instead, slide the object off into your hand and use your knuckles rather than your full hand to clean countertops and other surfaces.

3. Don’t use your nails to pry open soda cans, key-rings or scrape labels. Instead, use another implement to manage those tasks.

4. Use a letter opener or scissors to open envelopes and packages…..Not your fingernails

5. Wear rubber gloves when doing dishes, yardwork or other “tough on your nails” jobs.

6. Professional manicures on a weekly or bi-weekly basis are beneficial in keeping your nails pampered, conditioned and strong. Shellac Gel Polish or Acrylic Nails are also a great alternative to add extra strength and durability to nails.

7. Scrape your nails into a soft bar of soap before gardening to prevent dirt getting under the nails – or wear gardening gloves.

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