The Credo Razor Blade and Rasp (grater) tools are used to remove calluses and, although often used improperly in Discount Nail Salons, they should only be used by a qualified and licensed Podiatrist. These tools can potentially cause a lot more damage to your feet than is beneficial long term.

The Credo Blade and Grater are meant to be used by a medical professional such as your Podiatrist for the sole purpose of removing excess and sometimes painful calluses.

Depending on your lifestyle, a small amount of callus can serve as a guard to protect against too much tenderness and sometimes necessary for ballerina’s, runner’s and hiker’s feet and similar activities.

NEVER allow anyone other than a licensed medical professional to use a Credo Blade, metal scraper or rasp grater on your feet to remove calluses.

Keep in mind, the Credo Blade is similar to a razor blade and is most likely NOT disinfected properly after use by non-professionals. I have seen injuries caused from these blades when not used by a professional and it is NOT pretty and quite painful!

When calluses are aggressively removed with the credo blade or rasp by a non-professional, your calluses tends to grow back faster and harder and can potentially cause painful, deep wounds that can take a long time to heal and may require medical attention. The use of a credo blade razor is NOT worth the risk of the health and comfort of your feet.

The Nail Lady suggests using a pumice stone or a foot file to work on your calluses at home in between professional pedicures and a good foot scrub to help remove the dry, dead skin off your feet.

Arizona State Board of Cosmetology does not encourage the use of tools such as razor callus shavers (credo blades), metal scrapers and graters (rasp). Used improperly these devices can cause injuries that require medical attention. The new regulations are in place to prevent misuse of these razor blades.

Calluses are there for a reason and it is actually not always in your best interest to remove all of them. They naturally develop in areas that are in constant pressure by our daily activities and kind of act as a protective layer on the foot.

The Nail Lady uses specialty pedicure tools to gently remove callus build-up for a soft, smooth and moisturized finish followed by a relaxing foot massage.

Please note that if your feet continue to have more callus than you like, you may want to visit a Podiatrist. I can keep your feet looking and feeling great, but podiatrists and other foot care professionals are licensed to use other instruments to significantly remove greater amounts of callus when necessary.

Beauty services should NEVER hurt or injure you, or put you at risk of infection. Try not to forget that it truly is about your health and safety first when it comes to looking your best.