Known as “The Nail Lady”, I pride myself on a continuing commitment to the importance of salon cleanliness and sanitation standards.

While State law requires all nail salons to follow specific sanitation procedures, many of the discount nail salons are able to offer lower pricing because of a disregard to these necessary sanitation and cleanliness standards.

Most of us have heard of stories in the press about women who have had a relaxing pedicure, only to develop an unfortunate infection caused by the risks of poor sanitation.  

There are basic sanitation standards required for all nail salons in virtually every state, as well as licensing requirements for every technician. In most states, it is the responsibility of the salon owner to ensure that these standards are met.

Visit the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology for more information on salon sanitation rules, licensing and regulations.

Basic sanitation standards and licensing requirements for nail salons include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Nail Technicians are required to be licensed in the State of Arizona.
  • Implements should be disinfected with an EPA registered disinfectant.
  • Footbaths should be properly cleaned and sanitized after each client.
  • Credo blades, razors, callus graters are not approved by AZBOC.

Proper Pedicure Sanitation: The Pedicure Footbath at The Nail Studio, is oversized  (for those with larger feet) and pipeless, with soothing heat and jets for your pleasure and relaxation. 

The bubbly jets push the water out, rather than recirculating the water, which eliminates any risk of bacterial infection or fungus.

It is also thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each service.