Diabetic Clients have very specific needs when it comes to nail services, especially pedicures.

Below are some of the symptoms of diabetes and what you need to know to take care of your precious feet and precautions to help you enjoy a safe and relaxing pedicure.

1) POOR CIRCULATION: Poor circulation is one of the major complications of diabetes.

High blood sugar levels improperly nourish the nerves in the lower leg arteries, which results in peripheral neuropathy, a type of nerve damage that leads to decreased sensation, especially in the feet.

Your feet should be warm and have good coloration (not bluish or deep reddish).

Another indication of poor circulation is the absence of hair growth on the extremity and thin, fragile skin, with lack of underlying fatty tissue.

2) BLOOD CLOTS: According to the American Heart Association, diabetes increases the risk of plaque buildup in the arteries, which can cause dangerous blood clots.

A gentle massage with light rubbing the feet and calves helps to keep the blood moving.

That is great news! After all, isn’t the massage is the best part of a pedicure?

3) THINNING OF THE SKIN: One third of all diabetics will suffer some skin-related condition in their lifetime.

Poor circulation and lack of sensation cause many skin problems.

Small blood capillaries in the skin are easily injured by fluctuations in blood sugar levels, and glands in the skin slow or even cease production of natural lubricants.

This can result in dry, cracked, thin, fragile, and itchy skin that is easily injured, which can lead to severe consequences for a diabetic.

Moisture between the toes can become trapped, which can lead to infections.

4) RISK OF INFECTION: Because diabetes reduces the white blood cells’ ability to destroy bacteria, the diabetic cannot fight infections well.

Any minor skin irritation or injury has the potential of becoming a severe, life threatening condition.

REST ASSURED…..implements and tools are sanitized after each client at The Nail Lady Salon. I do not use a Whirlpool Spa Chair as research has shown that when not cleaned properly, bacteria may gather and cause unfortunate infections.

A pipeless pedicure bath is used with soothing jets and heat for your pleasure and relaxation.

The Nail Lady’s cushy reclining pedicure chair is the ultimate in comfort!

When visiting any nail salon, NEVER allow your nail technician to use a Credo blade (razor blade tool once banned in Arizona) to remove calluses, even if they are allowed in your state.

The risk is too high of creating an open wound and putting you at risk of infection.

Most importantly, make sure your technician practices impeccable sanitation procedures and refers you to a qualified podiatrist if necessary.